Friday, July 12, 2013

Care Bear Fail

A few weeks ago I went Yard Saling by myself. (Which rarely happens...) Usually my husband, mom, or brother goes with me. (I like to have someone there with me to fight off the crowds!). I was having some not so good luck and was heading home... when I decided to hit up one last sale on my way back home. There was a ton of stuff, but what most stuck out to me was a large collection of Care Bears. Out of curiosity I asked the woman how much for all the Care Bears.. She asked her daughter who looked to be about 13 or 14 because they were hers... as the daughter was thinking of the price, I did the math in my head and figured $20 would be the highest I would pay. I figured I could get $80 for the lot, maybe more if I put them at auction. The girl thought about it and told me $10. SOLD! I tried to hide my excitement as I packed up my garbage bag of 35+ Care Bears. I have sold Care Bears a few times, and they ALWAYS sell. After I got in the car I texted my hubby that I just found an AWESOME deal. His reply "I hope its not something that you realize CANT sell and its sits in our garage."
UGH. He was RIGHT!
When I got home and pulled out all the bears to organize them for pictures, I realized all of their tags had been cut off. WHAT? Who does that!? (A child does.. duh.) Why didn't I check for that? After further inspection, I realized all of their hair was cut off too....bummer.
My 2 year old had a grand old time with them. And with some cousins in town recently... Care Bears where everywhere in the house. Hubby hates it but likes to give me the "I told you so" grin! Ha! Well I am breaking up the lot and trying to at least get my money back. I casually let people know in my listing that they may be missing some tags... and hair. Yikes!
Moral of the story... Inspect your purchases BEFORE purchasing.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Store OPEN!

Ok. I took the plunge. I opened a store.
Now for all my eBay experienced readers... What store level did you subscribe to? I am at a standard for now...
If you have 300+ listings is it usually not big deal to pay your fees? I dont know... 59.95 seems like alot to add to my already big ammount of fees every month.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


I have been MIA from my blog for 5 WEEKS!? So dissapointing sad. I didn't realize how long it has been. We have had so much going on here... Last time I wrote an entry I was planning on going yard saling that next morning... and it never happened. Our daughter woke up hysterical that night, and screaming that her stomach hurt. We rushed her down to the ER thinking it was appendicitis... Hours later, and lots of $$ and a few tests later, they sent her home sure that she had strep throat and a cold. That whole week I took care of my sick daughter, son and husband! Everyone got sick (except me!)... Following that we had some family in town for an adoption, some vacationing, and then our dog swallowed a ball. I'm not kidding people... our dumb dog, who we love... swallowed a ball. It was a NIGHTMARE.
He was sick for a few days, before we realized what was going on...The vet we took him to estimated $5,000 to remove the ball, meds, overnight stays, etc. There was no way we were willing to fork out that kind of money. The only other option was to put him down... As my hubby was taking our 2 year old to go say bye to the dog (While she is tearfully asking for a new puppy)... My moms wonderful vet called me and told me he would do the whole thing for $500! DONE DEAL!

And thats the ball that was in his stomach. How ironic... the pirate ball with the "death" symbol. Ugh.
I have spent the last few weeks literally taking care of the dog like he is a new born. He got his staples out today so I feel like a new woman again, with FREEDOM!
Anyways.. that's where I have been. I have many fellow eBay bloggers to catch up on. I have missed reading all the blogs!!
During my absence from the internet, I did make a few sales. And I did REGAIN my Top Seller Status... Here is just a few favorites:
 Singer Centennial Version. Similar to a 221 Model. This was my grandmothers that my mom was going to give to Goodwill. Sold for $225 + Shipping. It sold within a hour of posting it... I priced it too low.
 Best offer of $18 + Shipping. Paid $7
 Sold $22 Free Shipping Paid $1
 Sold $11.99 to Canada. +Shipping.   Paid .89
 Sold Best Offer $21 + Shipping.   Paid $1
One of my favorite thrifty friends was in town last week, and we were able to spend a morning thrifting with our kids in tow. I found a few good things, but this one in particular was my favorite:
This is a CorningWare Blue Cornflower 10 Cup Electric Coffee pot. Love it right? Well unfortunately these were recalled in the late 1970s. See that metal spout? When they get hot, a few were known to fall apart. So in 1976 and 1979 they were recalled. eBay does NOT allow you to sell them. They are forbidden, since being recalled. BUT, the inside parts are HOT selling on eBay.
Check out the completeds here.
So I cleaned up the parts and listed them. No bites yet, but we shall see. I have seen the actual pots still selling on eBay as "Water Pitchers." I mean I guess they could still be a water pitcher... I have been going back and forth wondering if I should sell my pot as an actual water pitcher... But my conscience is telling me don't do it! Has anyone every found one of these? I am really hoping to stumble on Blue Cornflower baking dishes one day.
Happy Selling!