Thursday, April 17, 2014


Lots of things going on for me right now:

First of all... my sales have picked up since my post. I have been getting at least one sale a day which makes me feel better. On a eBay facebook group I'm in I have been reading about this weird conspiracy for store owners... The talk is.. if the door of your store changes to Blue your sales stop, and if its red you get lots of sales. Anyone heard about this? I haven't even noticed this because I have never seen the door color change... I don't even know what door they are referring to. I think there are alot of weird eBay conspiracies...
This last week I spent 4 days in Utah visiting some family. Of course while I was there I met up with my eBay friend Mandy.. and she took me to the DI (aka Desseret Industries). If you haven't heard of it.. its a very large thrift chain put on by the LDS Church, in a few states. This store was HUGE. I wish I took pictures for my blog. The workers wheel out carts every few minutes and there are people standing around like vultures that attack the carts as soon as they stop rolling. It was absolutely INSANE. I got in a conversation with one guy standing around waiting for carts and he mentioned he was a reseller, and that most of the people there were resellers. I picked up a few things.. but unfortunately I wasn't willing to attack carts of merchandise while my children watch me... terrifying.
Some fav sales of the week:
 Wow Wow Wubbzy Laptop. Paid $1 Sold $21.95 to Australia
 Ralph Lauren Button Up Paid $1 Sold $19.95 FS
 J.Crew Tunic Paid $1.50 Sold $25.95 FS
 This is a funny glass. Its a super tall shot glass with funny pirate sayings on the back. I almost didn't buy this... and it sold so quickly. Paid $1 Sold $18.95 FS

Ok and here is my weird find of the week:
Illuminati Playing Cards... I had heard about Illuminati conspiracies with celebs. Have you heard about how Beyonce and Jay -Z are part of the Illuminati? I had no idea what it really meant until doing some research. Well... its Satan worshiping I guess. Being the religious person I am... listing these made me a little nervous... but I listed them for $50 so that made me a little less nervous.. haha. 
Looking over the cards they look like Tarot cards.. Definitely a BOLO. 


And Finally I found out some exciting news recently. We are expecting our third baby!! We decided to keep it a secret awhile... but since I dont know my readers personally and I am dying to tell someone.... here we are! I am kind of in shock still.... and when my first thought when I found out was.... "How in the heck am I going to thrift with 3 in tow?"
Oh the life of a reseller. 

Monday, April 7, 2014


Its been one of those months. Last week on April 1st, my hubby had a minor outpatient sinus surgery that required my care for the past week. Knowing that I would be busy taking care of him and our two kids, I ramped up my listings to 91 BIN listings. (This is big for me). I listed and listed the whole last week of March, and even went through old inventory and cleaned up my eBay/Shipping center in my garage. The day of his surgery I was so bummed I hadn't had any sales in 7 days. I always have ongoing sales... even if my listed items is around 40.
Finally, while I was waiting for the procedure to be done... I sold something.
The last Saturday in March I did a little yardsaling. At one stop I found a bag full of hand held electronic poker games. I knew they could be worth a little bit, so I asked the lady how much for the bag. She said, "$5" and I asked how much for just one. She sighed and told me to just take the whole bag for $1. (score!!). When I got home I found this little snoopy game in it, and I eagerly looked it up knowing it was nintendo and could be worth something. The completeds went from anywhere from $50-$110. Its a Nintendo "GAME & WATCH" hand held game. There are a few different kinds. Snoopy being one of them. I sold it the following day I listed it for $69.99 Free Shipping. Not a bad FLIP! Especially after a week of NOTHING.

Since that sale, I have sold three more things.
My sales are so bleak its depressing. I even called eBay. I am not getting views on my items, or even watchers. Seriously its so weird. The eBay rep told me maybe I "don't have things listed that people want to buy..."  ...................oh geez. Thanks eBay guy. Way to kick me when I am down.

So now I am reevaluating what I am selling. Maybe I should concentrate more on a more specific category of things to sell. Not sure... but I think this might be my eBay mid life crisis.

---On a Update to My LAST post about USPS---

They (my local post office) DID call me and apologize... Three times. I guess since I live in a new development they don't have a permanent postman.. and no on seems to know the route very well. They did say that the carrier shouldn't have scanned in that they picked up my packages. The manager said he would be personally speaking to the carrier that did this. Glad they took charge, and at least made me feel like this was a big deal to them.

On a closing note:

Enjoy this picture of our adorable new family member named Minnie!! (We are on day 3 of her in our home) I am welcoming all crate training / potty training advice... This little cutie is not letting me sleep at night!!