Friday, May 31, 2013

Mac VS PC (and some other stuff)

Ahhh. My computer is slowing leaving me. I knew the time was coming, but I didn't know how soon. I have a pink little Dell XPS that I have had since 2009, and its def running on its last leg.
This week, there has been a few times that I thought it was for SURE a goner. Like, it wouldn't turn on a few times.... <<cue the depressing music>>.

So we have been looking at computers. I am a TOTAL PC girl. I have only owned PCs my whole life...Although I have owned Iphone, Ipods, and Ipads. I am kind of leaning towards a Mac book...(even though they are more expensive than a PC/Laptop....gulp)

So whats better... PCs... or Macs?

In other news

I lost my Top Rated Seller Status.... :(
Remember that buyer that revised his feedback last week? Well since he revised it on the 21st of May, after eBay's 20th of the month TRS check, (where they make sure your meeting all requirements) I lost it. I actually think its kind of lame. The feedback was revised.. My Fb is over 98%... but because it fell under 98% with that buyer for that SHORT time...They took it away.
What a BUMMER!
But, I am back up to meeting the requirements...(once the buyer revised his FB), so I get it back June 20th. Ughhhh

---Ive been trying to list everyday...(If my computer turns on)... And working on getting my listings to 100.. I have been majorly SLACKING. We went to Disneyland 2 weeks ago, and I had so major commitments in my church that have taken up some time... But this past week I have been listing daily..Not that many things though. Here's my sales the past week:

 Paid 89 cents... Sold 5.50 - shipping
 Same as above
Mud pie shortall. Paid $0 (gift) Sold $18.00 - Shipping
Printer- Paid 1-2$ Sold $38 - Shipping
And that's it! Nothing fantastic. I need to pump up those listings.
I'm so excited to go yard saling tomorrow with my brother. Hubby is taking the kids, and my Brother and I are going nuts. Ill be posting my finds tomorrow, along with my thrift finds later tomorrow night!
Happy Selling!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Some Thrift Store Tricks and Tips

As I was browsing a local thrift store last week, I realized I have a system down. Most of you reading my blog are probably PRO at thrift store shopping so this might be a waste of a read. Here are a couple of things I have learned about thrifting:

1. Know your stores markdown schedule. My fav thrift shop has All clothes 50% off on W,F, Kids clothes 75% off on Thursdays, and the whole store 50% every other Saturday. Not too shabby! :)

2. Go early. Most thrift stores stock the night before or early morning. Most stock EVERYDAY. They are constantly getting stuff in... don't expect to find some GREAT finds later in the day. The stuff that is worth something will already be gone.

3. When browsing clothes look on the end of the racks on all racks first. Have you ever watched workers set clothes out? When they pull out clothes to put on racks it goes right on the end. Everything that doesn't get sold gets pushed to the middle. Most thrift thrift stores pull out everything in the middle to get rid of every other week. What hasn't sold GOES.
When I get to the clothes I browse the ends of all racks. I seriously find the best stuff quickly this way.

4. If you see something you are having a hunch about, don't expect it to be there the next day.

5. Positive thoughts! If you are in a hurry, stressed, or have cranky kids... you will not be able to find anything or take the time to really look. I try to give myself enough time to go so I don't feel rushed, and I bring my kids treats to keep them busy.


Last week when I went I saw so many beautiful pairs of cowboy boots! They were marked so high! 40-50$. I have never sold cowboy boots, but I am very interested after seeing some of the completeds. Anyone have experience with these?

Update on my last post:
My buyer revised his feedback. He denied a refund and then revised it. Awesome.
eBay needs a policy that makes a buyer contact the seller before leaving anything below positive feedback. Its only fair. So for now.. I am back to 98.8%! If only I could get rid of one ding on my account left. I spoke to ebay about it a few weeks ago and the account that left it is under review. If they are suspended from eBay the neg FB is automatically removed from my account. Fingers crossed! Buyers scamming sellers shouldn't be allowed on eBay period.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The good, bad, ugly, and great.

The Good:
So update to my last few posts, the angry buyer immediately left me positive feedback after I offered a full refund. They denied the refund and gave me positive Fb! Woohoo! I was SOOO relieved.
The Great:
Remember that negative feedback I wrote to you guys about? Ebay REMOVED IT! I love eBay again!!
So I guess if your listing has the "fast and free" logo on it, a buyer cannot complain about shipping or leave negative feedback because of it! Awesome! Funny thing is.. after going back and forth with the buyer for days, he told me not to contact him again or he would report me... (I was not harassing him, just responding to his messages to me)... Ebay removed the feedback and the next day he sent me a message saying..."Ok i will change my feedback cause I have a heart."
haha. OK dummy buddy.
The Ugly:
I got dinged with another negative feedback within 24 hours of getting that last one removed. Seriously! Their complaint was they don't like the printer. They didn't contact me, and they are not responding to my messages. EBay wants me to call them... on the phone!! Has anyone ever done this? I am nervous.
The Bad:
I think those printers are bad luck. I am so over selling them, and I am wanting to go back to what I love! Thrifty finds and flips! I am thinking about trashing the rest of them.
I have to get my feedback score back to 98% in order to maintain my top rated status. I am at a 97.6% right now. I have so many buyers that never leave feedback. Do you guys ever send messages asking for feedback? I have gotten some before from sellers... I was wondering if its a common practice.

So on that note... here are some finds from last week that I am listing right now:

 Levi 550's. Like New Paid $7 (gulp..I know, that's not like me) I will most likely get around $30 from these. Nothing spectacular
 Cassette Tapes! Paid $1, Listing for $30
 Printer Ink, Paid 80 cents... will get barely anything. Should have checked completeds.
 Same as above.
 Latch hook Set Paid $1.80. Completeds have one that sold for $35
Royal China by Jeanette Cheesecake platter. Paid $1, and will prob only list for $15. 

Hoping for a better week this guys! Got to get that feedback up!! 
Happy Selling!

Friday, May 17, 2013

This is not my week.

Here I am. Venting again. I was so excited to write a post this morning about my awesome thrift store finds yesterday... and I get ANOTHER mad customer.

What am I doing wrong?? OK, actually this time its my mistake... I think.

Another printer of mine sold. A printer that retails $100 plus normally... I sold it for 34.99 plus shipping. The printer was brand new when I tested it. It was missing ink and a phone line cord. (Its a fax too). So I stated it was a store return, that it was new, missing a few items but it included: X, Y & Z. I didn't spell out for the buyer INK NOT INCLUDED. So the buyer is mad he didn't catch in the item description of what came in the box, that there wasn't ink.

I know I should have spelled it out.. usually I do. But come on... If it doesn't say INK in whats in the box... THEN DON'T ASSUME THERE IS INK!

What do you guys think? The buyer sent me angry messages.

(No negative feedback yet). He said there were chicken feathers in my box...(WHAT? I don't have a chicken?) He said that "Buyers should beware of me"...and that I should have put INK NOT INCLUDED or the printer would have been priced less (NOT TRUE! I found other completed listings that went for the same price without ink..)

Seriously I am hating eBay more and more every day. And customer service is no help.

I should probably kiss my top rated seller status goodbye.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Printer Stash

I have over 100 printers in my garage. Most of them Canon Pixmas. All of these printers are store returns. They all have the store receipts attached to them stating why the customer returned them. Most of them brand new!
Locally there is a liquidation warehouse that I found about a year ago. If you know what Costco is, alot of their returns go to this warehouse. They have an online auction every Wednesday! (Over 1,000 items). So literally if we have something we want to bid on, I leave my computer on during the day, keep an eye on what item number they are on throughout the day, and periodically check in until my item is up, and I bid! Its awesome. We have won some great items. When we moved into our house we were able to get a brand new couch for $300 that retailed $1500 at Costco. The printers I won were kind of a fluke. My husband happened to come home early on a Wednesday. My laptop was open with the auction as I was prepping dinner. He saw the pallet of printers (about 50 of them) and said, "Hey we should bid on these, you might be able to resell them." My initial reaction was no way you are crazy. But before I could really put my 2 cents in, he bid on them and won the pallet of 50 printers for $80.
After the auction you schedule a pickup time. For as unorganized as this warehouse looks, its VERY organized. Hubby went down and picked up the printers for me, and there you have it.... I realized I CAN make a good deal of money off these bad boys. When I started going through my first pallet, I found new ink in almost all of the boxes. I started selling the ink first. When I would list ink, it would generally sell within a few hours. After that I started selling printers new, used, and for parts.
Since our first pallet we have won 2 more, bringing my stash to about 200 printers. I prob have about 100 left to sell. I am estimating my profit so far, including the initial investment to be well over $1500.
Awesome right?
Now- These liquidation places are EVERYWHERE. How can you find one?
The one I use is part of IMASD, which stands for The Internet Marketing Association of Surplus Dealers.
You can CLICK HERE to go to there website to search your state to see if there is one near you.
Let me know if you find anything in your area. Hope this helps someone looking for something fun to sell!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Update---Seriously. I cried.

After I cried about my negative  feedback to you guys yesterday, I ate two candy bars, sulked, called my husband and told him that I am quitting ebay, sulked some more, and then decided to suck it up. I wrote the lovely buyer who gave me this ridiculous feedback. Here is our convo:

 I just received your negative feedback. I am a little confused as to why I received negative feedback. You bought the item on May 2nd. My handling time is 3 business days, with 5 day business shipping via Fedex. When you bought the item, it stated you would receive the item on May 14th at the latest. You received the item on May 10. 4 days sooner than expected.
The listing also states there is minimal wear on the printer due to it being a store return. I believe you left me negative feedback unfairly, as I held up my end of the transaction. I also was quick to respond to all of your questions and needs.
I would like to send you a feedback revision form.
Please respond. Thanks

There scratch on back of item and part was supose to be on my door 5/8 an recieved it on 5/10 maybe u should work on ur shippen. Part is work fine but I didnt no it came with a scratch like a box cutter.

Hi. Where did you get 5/8 from? You purchased the item 5/2, and the listing states you will receive it in 4-8 business days. 8 business days being 5/14. You received you the item in 6 business days. When you purchase the item you are acknowledging that you have read the description and agree to the terms. Shipping included. You knew when you bought the item that it would take 4-8 business days. I fulfilled my end on the shipping problem. There is not a problem with shipping. As far as the scratch, I inspect the printers myself. If there was anything major with the printer cosmetically I would not send them out. Can you please send me a picture of the scratch?
I intend to resolve this problem with you, as I feel I did everything I could on my end to ensure a positive transaction.

From my acount on ebay
Sir- The listing is the only place that shows delivery time. Once, again, I believe I fulfilled my end as a seller. If we cannot resolve this issue ourselves, I will open an eBay protection case. Can you please send me a picture of the scratch, or are you willing to revise your feedback as I have fulfilled my end of the transaction.
Thank you

Well ive ordered 4 item same time I order ur item an arrived 3rd day
Every seller has there own handling time and shipping carriers. Did all the items you ordered come from California? Did they all have 3 day handling time? Did they all use FedEx ground shipping? You are located on the East coast, I am on the West coast.
Just because you ordered other items at the same time, you cannot expect my items to arrive at the same time as the other sellers. All sellers have different policies, they have different selling policies, and they are located in different places.
Once again, I have kept my end as a seller. I am asking that if I send you a feedback revision form you will revise your feedback because I kept my end of the transaction.
Thank you.

And now no response. For some reason I feel a little better now, knowing I am not a bad seller, and that some buyers out there really have no idea what they are talking about.


Has anything ever happened that has made you want to quit eBay?

Today I got my 2nd negative feedback.

I read it and seriously cried. Remember my post awhile back about all those printers I had? I won them all at a local auction. They are all store returns. Most of them brand new that had their ink stolen out of the box, and then returned. I check EVERY printer before I send them out. This includes checking them cosmetically, and testing them. Its such a time consuming process. This past weekend I sold 14. That's 14 I got to get out the door today. As I was prepping this morning to ship them all out I checked my eBay account and saw this. Seriously? I don't know what it is about negative feedback but it makes me feel awful. I work so hard to please the buyers and then they just leave negative feedback without even contacting me!
This particular negative feedback was not accurate. I remember shipping this printer and testing it. It was practically NEW. I also state in my listing there are minimal signs of wear.. I mean come on... All these dang printers are store returns (which is stated in my listing). The guy also received the printer 4 days earlier than promised.

I spent an hour on the phone with eBay trying to figure out why my past neg fb hadn't been removed and figuring out what to do with this one. The past one hasn't been removed yet because the buyer hasn't been suspended...(EVEN THOUGH HE LEAVES NEG FEEDBACK FOR EVERY SELLER AND ALWAYS SAYS HE NEVER RECEIVED HIS ITEMS...UGH).
I seriously feel like eBay doesn't really help the seller.
Also... they told me again.."feedback is just an opinion"...

Seriously, this makes me not want to sell on eBay. At all.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Consignment Results

I am a little delayed in posting. I have had one sick child, and one teething child. This past week has been a total BLUR! But today we are back to ourselves and catching up on missed time...

Last week my consignment sale ended. I did not do as well as I hoped. I sold 34 items and made 99.48 after all consignor fees, and my percentage I take home. Pretty lame. But like I said in an earlier post.. It is partially my fault for procrastinating. I may do it in the fall if I take the time to tag a bunch of stuff weeks prior to the sale. I volunteered at the sale last weekend, (on a Saturday) and it was completely DEAD at the sale. I was told that usually weekends are their busiest days... Well the sale happened to fall on the weekend of our cities huge annual Rodeo... (Ya I live in a half city, half rodeo town... its weird). So I am hoping that's why some of my brand name, brand NEW items didn't sell.... Oh well.

In a past post I said that my goal was 100 items listed May 1st... Well I am embarrassed to say that didn't happen with everything going on. So I am working on it today. Is there a way you mainstream listings? I try to take all my pictures at once... and then sit down and list them all. The only thing that happens is my kids needs usually stop me and I get sidetracked. I would love to hear what you guys do!