Monday, May 20, 2013

The good, bad, ugly, and great.

The Good:
So update to my last few posts, the angry buyer immediately left me positive feedback after I offered a full refund. They denied the refund and gave me positive Fb! Woohoo! I was SOOO relieved.
The Great:
Remember that negative feedback I wrote to you guys about? Ebay REMOVED IT! I love eBay again!!
So I guess if your listing has the "fast and free" logo on it, a buyer cannot complain about shipping or leave negative feedback because of it! Awesome! Funny thing is.. after going back and forth with the buyer for days, he told me not to contact him again or he would report me... (I was not harassing him, just responding to his messages to me)... Ebay removed the feedback and the next day he sent me a message saying..."Ok i will change my feedback cause I have a heart."
haha. OK dummy buddy.
The Ugly:
I got dinged with another negative feedback within 24 hours of getting that last one removed. Seriously! Their complaint was they don't like the printer. They didn't contact me, and they are not responding to my messages. EBay wants me to call them... on the phone!! Has anyone ever done this? I am nervous.
The Bad:
I think those printers are bad luck. I am so over selling them, and I am wanting to go back to what I love! Thrifty finds and flips! I am thinking about trashing the rest of them.
I have to get my feedback score back to 98% in order to maintain my top rated status. I am at a 97.6% right now. I have so many buyers that never leave feedback. Do you guys ever send messages asking for feedback? I have gotten some before from sellers... I was wondering if its a common practice.

So on that note... here are some finds from last week that I am listing right now:

 Levi 550's. Like New Paid $7 (gulp..I know, that's not like me) I will most likely get around $30 from these. Nothing spectacular
 Cassette Tapes! Paid $1, Listing for $30
 Printer Ink, Paid 80 cents... will get barely anything. Should have checked completeds.
 Same as above.
 Latch hook Set Paid $1.80. Completeds have one that sold for $35
Royal China by Jeanette Cheesecake platter. Paid $1, and will prob only list for $15. 

Hoping for a better week this guys! Got to get that feedback up!! 
Happy Selling!


  1. I never ask for fb....personally i think its tacky :)
    I had someone call me on the didnt turn out well ebay's an online site it should stay that way. I would take a monetary loss and neg fb before i dealt with another buyer on the phone

    1. Ya I see why you think its tacky too. I do not want to beg for feedback. I like Kristen's idea down below though. It seems just right!

      I agree eBay and the phone just dont mix. When customer service told me to call the guy, I about had a heart attack.

      The guy however, changed his FB today. Yay!

  2. Perhaps you could try to sell some printers on craigslist and circumvent the whole feedback thing. (?)

  3. How many printers do you have left. I agree with trying Craigslist.

    1. I have like 100! I bought another pallet recently :/ I am going to craigslist/facebook post some and trash the rest or donate them :/

  4. Do you have any local FaceBook sites you could list the printers on? Sometimes I do this with larger items I find or things I'm not moving after awhile. I've had great luck with selling that way!

    As for the feedback, I started putting cute little business cards that I ordered from VistaPrintin my orders. They have my store name and web address with "Thank you for your business! Please remember to leave feedback and stop by to shop again soon!" I have a friend who also has a store, and I've noticed that our numbers used to be about the same until I started including the card with each item for shipping. I think I now have double the amt of feedback now that she does! Not everyone leaves it, but still.

    1. I do have a facebook group! I have sold a few, but I think I am just going to have to let them go for really cheap to get them out of here! :)

      Great idea Kristen! I took a peak at your eBay store yesterday when I was browsing your blog and I saw that you have a ton of feedback! That is awesome! I am going to try the business card thing. thanks for the idea! :)