Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Some Thrift Store Tricks and Tips

As I was browsing a local thrift store last week, I realized I have a system down. Most of you reading my blog are probably PRO at thrift store shopping so this might be a waste of a read. Here are a couple of things I have learned about thrifting:

1. Know your stores markdown schedule. My fav thrift shop has All clothes 50% off on W,F, Kids clothes 75% off on Thursdays, and the whole store 50% every other Saturday. Not too shabby! :)

2. Go early. Most thrift stores stock the night before or early morning. Most stock EVERYDAY. They are constantly getting stuff in... don't expect to find some GREAT finds later in the day. The stuff that is worth something will already be gone.

3. When browsing clothes look on the end of the racks on all racks first. Have you ever watched workers set clothes out? When they pull out clothes to put on racks it goes right on the end. Everything that doesn't get sold gets pushed to the middle. Most thrift thrift stores pull out everything in the middle to get rid of every other week. What hasn't sold GOES.
When I get to the clothes I browse the ends of all racks. I seriously find the best stuff quickly this way.

4. If you see something you are having a hunch about, don't expect it to be there the next day.

5. Positive thoughts! If you are in a hurry, stressed, or have cranky kids... you will not be able to find anything or take the time to really look. I try to give myself enough time to go so I don't feel rushed, and I bring my kids treats to keep them busy.


Last week when I went I saw so many beautiful pairs of cowboy boots! They were marked so high! 40-50$. I have never sold cowboy boots, but I am very interested after seeing some of the completeds. Anyone have experience with these?

Update on my last post:
My buyer revised his feedback. He denied a refund and then revised it. Awesome.
eBay needs a policy that makes a buyer contact the seller before leaving anything below positive feedback. Its only fair. So for now.. I am back to 98.8%! If only I could get rid of one ding on my account left. I spoke to ebay about it a few weeks ago and the account that left it is under review. If they are suspended from eBay the neg FB is automatically removed from my account. Fingers crossed! Buyers scamming sellers shouldn't be allowed on eBay period.


  1. These are good tips. I actually prefer estate sales and flea markets, but occasionally, I'll check out the thrift stores too. Another tip is to really check anything breakable carefully. I bought mugs or plates that many times had a chip I didn't see.

  2. I didn't know many of these either our thrifts routinely want 10.00 for a pr of jeans and 2.00 for. Dr seuss book so its my last I'm running of invenfory stop

  3. My thrift stores keep going higher and higher and the discounts are lower and lower. But I keep looking. Sometimes I get lucky.