Friday, September 20, 2013

Remember that "haunted listing"?

Well the listing ended. No watchers. No Buyers.... and do you see how many page views? 781!!!??Thats the weirdest thing to happen to anything I have ever listed. Its not even a hot item, or something electronic.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Week of Sales

Best offers seem to be the "thing" right now for me. I have added best offer to a few things this past week and most of the items have sold.

My sales for the past week are as follows:

 It sold!!! Ok. So all week I have been holding out for someone to snatch it up for the listing price. I was getting lots of offers and emails about the mug. Nothing that suited my fancy however. Friday a buyer who had already made 2 other offers, offered me his highest at 150$. At first I way... and I also remembered Veronica's post here about holding out and waiting for the right buyer. My husband told me that was still an excellent sale and to just go for it. (He likes me to get the inventory OUT of the house). So for the sake of wanting to get stuff sold (and pay eBay fees), I countered $165 and it was a deal!
Paid: 50 cents. Sold $165 free shipping. Yay!
 Barbie lot of clothes. I paid $1 for it all.. I realized after I bought it, I prob wouldn't get much for it. I priced it at $9.99 with free shipping... just to get rid of it. It sold within a few hours... Maybe I priced it too low.
 Texas Instruments Touch and Tell. This was my husbands when he was little. (So much for me being sentimental when it comes to eBay! ;) ) I accepted a best offer of $25 with free shipping.
OK friends. Its time to get those UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS listed! Like now. Check out the completeds. They are selling like hot cakes. I paid $1 for this, and accepted a best offer of $16.99 FS on it. (I didn't mean to put best offer on this one, but decided to sell it to the nice lady at that price anyway).

Friday, September 6, 2013

Another Starbucks Gem

On my previous post I talked about that wonderful little find I had with a Starbucks mug. When I was figuring out what to list it for, I decided to see which Starbucks mugs really sell well, and decided to browse through the completeds. I got a good idea of what to look for.
On Monday hubby stayed home with our son, and my daughter and I ran some errands. (Whats errands without a thrift store stop?) So I stopped at Goodwill (Have I mentioned how much I dislike despise Hate Goodwill?).

I spotted this baby right away:
I think If I hadn't recently looked through the Starbucks Completeds, I would have walked right past it. Its a Global City mug from the City Icon Collection.... Starbucks highlighted major cities with special mugs back in 2009. Some cities are worth $20-$30 while a few range in the $200-$900 range. CRAZY right?
So I grabbed it. I crossed my fingers as I looked up the value on eBay, and what do you know... one sold recently for $250!!!! Yay! The Sacramento one is worth more than most.
I was so excited. Goodhellwill of course had to mark the bottom with a Sharpe. It had a nice large $5 written on the bottom. The lady at the checkout gave it to me for 50 cents.

I was able to get the Sharpe mark off with some nail polish remover, and some baking soda. I listed it right away. $230 BIN with best offer. Crossing my fingers. I already have a few watchers.

(**Side note to my fellow readers. See that pink glare on the mug in the picture? Its not a good idea to wear a neon pink shirt when taking photos of reflective objects.)

Here are some other Starbucks City Mugs to look out for:

-South Islands (New Zealand)
-Fort Worth
-Merida Mexico
Good luck!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sunday Jackpot

After I posted my last blog post about my 4 sales for the whole week, I put away my laptop and got myself and my children ready for church. While sitting in Church, I heard my phone buzz in my purse. I ignored it. It buzzed again 10 minutes later. I ignored it again... and it buzzed again 20 minutes later.
Usually my phone going off 3 times in a row could only mean one thing. My mother. She occasionally likes to text me throughout the day, and if I don't respond back she automatically assumes I am dead in a ditch. I pulled out my phone ready to respond to my mother that I am in church and to politely "chill out." But instead saw 3 little eBay notifications. 3 Sales. WHAT? 3? In one hour? It was amazing to say the least... I haven't had that many sales at once since last winter....

So here's what sold:

 Starbucks Park Series Collectors Mug. Paid 1$. This sold within 12 hours of being listed. There was only one listed when I checked my phone at the thrift store when I bought it. It was listed for $399 so I was freaking out. When I got home I saw there were some others around the $50 range. So I listed it for 75$ with best offer. I received an offer Sunday morning of $45, I countered with $55 expecting them not to go for it. They did. And that was that. Not a bad profit! My best in awhile.
 Little Einsteins Pat Pat Rocket. BROKEN! If you look at this thing, the plastic top part of this is missing. I sold it for $25.99 Free Shipping (to a city right next to me). I paid $1.79 for it.
If you saw my "About Me" post awhile back.. I confessed to my undying love for J.Crew. I could spend hours there. I fell in love with their red "Beaded Statement Necklace" a few months ago. (Its similar to the blue one above). I decided I wanted to possibly skip doing eBay and open an online jewelry boutique. So I bought a ton of these colored beaded rose necklaces, just like the J.Crew ones (ahem...knockoffs)...from a manufacturer overseas...(FOR CHEAP!)... and started a little business and begin selling them. Well, after a month and 100+ sales later... I realized that the jewelry business is hard competition... and not really my thing. I live for the thrifting thrill that eBay gives me. So I still have a few of these necklaces left that sell here and there on eBay. This one sold for 15.99 plus shipping. (Paid $5).
And those were my magical sales, from my Sunday magical selling hour. Miracles happen people.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Sales for this past week:
Paid $1.80 Sold for $17.00 on Sale minus shipping. I was totally fine with this small profit. The laptop had some wear from being played with.

 Boys Levis "Husky" size. Paid $2.00 Sold for $10.00 Minus Shipping. I bought these thinking they were mens. Once I realized they were boys, I priced them low to get a quick sale and my money back. :/
 Hummel Figurine. Given to me by my MIL. Sold for $40 Minus shipping
Victoria's Secret Green Dog. Paid $.80 Sold for $10 Minus Shipping.
Nothing spectacular. Just a few random boring sales, with no major profit :/
My husband and I went to a few estate sales yesterday....only to find that they were not estate sales...(just yard sales). Bummer!
Happy Labor Day weekend.