Sunday, September 1, 2013


Sales for this past week:
Paid $1.80 Sold for $17.00 on Sale minus shipping. I was totally fine with this small profit. The laptop had some wear from being played with.

 Boys Levis "Husky" size. Paid $2.00 Sold for $10.00 Minus Shipping. I bought these thinking they were mens. Once I realized they were boys, I priced them low to get a quick sale and my money back. :/
 Hummel Figurine. Given to me by my MIL. Sold for $40 Minus shipping
Victoria's Secret Green Dog. Paid $.80 Sold for $10 Minus Shipping.
Nothing spectacular. Just a few random boring sales, with no major profit :/
My husband and I went to a few estate sales yesterday....only to find that they were not estate sales...(just yard sales). Bummer!
Happy Labor Day weekend.

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  1. I've sold that laptop before. I had to sneak it away from my daughter because she bought it herself for a quarter. I think I sold mine for $30 plus shipping so we went and had ice cream afterwards and I didn't feel so guilty. Nice sales.