Friday, September 6, 2013

Another Starbucks Gem

On my previous post I talked about that wonderful little find I had with a Starbucks mug. When I was figuring out what to list it for, I decided to see which Starbucks mugs really sell well, and decided to browse through the completeds. I got a good idea of what to look for.
On Monday hubby stayed home with our son, and my daughter and I ran some errands. (Whats errands without a thrift store stop?) So I stopped at Goodwill (Have I mentioned how much I dislike despise Hate Goodwill?).

I spotted this baby right away:
I think If I hadn't recently looked through the Starbucks Completeds, I would have walked right past it. Its a Global City mug from the City Icon Collection.... Starbucks highlighted major cities with special mugs back in 2009. Some cities are worth $20-$30 while a few range in the $200-$900 range. CRAZY right?
So I grabbed it. I crossed my fingers as I looked up the value on eBay, and what do you know... one sold recently for $250!!!! Yay! The Sacramento one is worth more than most.
I was so excited. Goodhellwill of course had to mark the bottom with a Sharpe. It had a nice large $5 written on the bottom. The lady at the checkout gave it to me for 50 cents.

I was able to get the Sharpe mark off with some nail polish remover, and some baking soda. I listed it right away. $230 BIN with best offer. Crossing my fingers. I already have a few watchers.

(**Side note to my fellow readers. See that pink glare on the mug in the picture? Its not a good idea to wear a neon pink shirt when taking photos of reflective objects.)

Here are some other Starbucks City Mugs to look out for:

-South Islands (New Zealand)
-Fort Worth
-Merida Mexico
Good luck!


  1. Wow! What a great find! That would be a fantastic sale to boast about! I've only ever found one Starbucks mug. It sold, but not for very much.

  2. I recently sold one from Sydney, Australia. It was only worth around $40, unfortunately. Great find!!

  3. Holy moly! I didn't realize the Sacramento mug could be worth THAT much. I recently sold a Paris mug from a different series for $44 and I thought that was a good sale. At $5, I probably would have passed up this Sacramento mug, but not now! So glad you shared this ... thanks!

  4. Excellent find! I am still looking for my first Starbucks mug. I hope that one sells well! Goodwill is good (at times) but I prefer going to other thrift stores.

    Good luck and thanks for the info.

  5. Gotta love those Starbucks mugs. Great find.

  6. I have an Athens Greece Starbucks mug listed for $90. I was thrilled to find it as most of my Starbucks mugs go for 30ish. Thank you for posting the bolo list as well.