Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Week of Sales

Best offers seem to be the "thing" right now for me. I have added best offer to a few things this past week and most of the items have sold.

My sales for the past week are as follows:

 It sold!!! Ok. So all week I have been holding out for someone to snatch it up for the listing price. I was getting lots of offers and emails about the mug. Nothing that suited my fancy however. Friday a buyer who had already made 2 other offers, offered me his highest at 150$. At first I way... and I also remembered Veronica's post here about holding out and waiting for the right buyer. My husband told me that was still an excellent sale and to just go for it. (He likes me to get the inventory OUT of the house). So for the sake of wanting to get stuff sold (and pay eBay fees), I countered $165 and it was a deal!
Paid: 50 cents. Sold $165 free shipping. Yay!
 Barbie lot of clothes. I paid $1 for it all.. I realized after I bought it, I prob wouldn't get much for it. I priced it at $9.99 with free shipping... just to get rid of it. It sold within a few hours... Maybe I priced it too low.
 Texas Instruments Touch and Tell. This was my husbands when he was little. (So much for me being sentimental when it comes to eBay! ;) ) I accepted a best offer of $25 with free shipping.
OK friends. Its time to get those UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS listed! Like now. Check out the completeds. They are selling like hot cakes. I paid $1 for this, and accepted a best offer of $16.99 FS on it. (I didn't mean to put best offer on this one, but decided to sell it to the nice lady at that price anyway).


  1. Bravo! Standing ovation on the mug! Nice work!!

  2. Great sale on the mug!! WOW!!

    Lisa @ Happy Girl Thrift

  3. I need to find some of those Starbucks city mugs. I've found some regular Starbucks mugs, and done well with them, but nothing like the money those city mugs bring. Nice flip :)

  4. Great sale with the Starbucks mug! I found one last weekend and I have it up for auction. I would hold out for a nice price but I really want to get it moving.

  5. Barbie clothing is a great score. Especially the vintage 80's or older. I love finding it because you can usually pick it up super cheap. I'm building a lot right now to sell at Christmas.

    Great job on the mug. Your background looks great too.

  6. Great flip on the mug! I do love me some Starbucks! I think I have about 25 mugs in my "collection" right now. Hopefully some of them start moving for the holiday season!