Thursday, April 9, 2015

eBay and Me

Its been so long! I unfortunately had to put a lot of my eBaying on hold during the end of my pregnancy... as I got sick. And HUGE. and out of energy.
But it was all worth it because I have a little squishy baby to love on and some very happy siblings.

During all of this I stopped listing completely. I would relist old listings occasionally, but that was the extent of my selling. How exciting. (Not).

Ive started listing again, now that I feel I am in the swing of things... and as back to normal as much as I could be.
My husband and I didn't realize how much we enjoyed my extra income until it was gone. I  took it for granted- and now have a better appreciation for all those cha-chings I have missed hearing on my phone throughout the day.

Here are some note worthy sales I have had recently to kick off my return:

 Thomas Pink Golden Bear Tie. Paid $1.25 sold for $22.95 Fs
 Beatrix Potter VHS Set. I have had these sitting for almost a year! Got for free at a yard sale. Sold for $24.95 Fs
 Clairol Kindness Short Hair Curlers. Paid $2 Sold for $45.95 Fs
Eliot Disney Electrical Parade Plush. Tail lights up and plays music. Paid $1 Sold for $24.95

Sometimes I wonder what people do with these things! Regardless, I am happy there is a need.