Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sunday Jackpot

After I posted my last blog post about my 4 sales for the whole week, I put away my laptop and got myself and my children ready for church. While sitting in Church, I heard my phone buzz in my purse. I ignored it. It buzzed again 10 minutes later. I ignored it again... and it buzzed again 20 minutes later.
Usually my phone going off 3 times in a row could only mean one thing. My mother. She occasionally likes to text me throughout the day, and if I don't respond back she automatically assumes I am dead in a ditch. I pulled out my phone ready to respond to my mother that I am in church and to politely "chill out." But instead saw 3 little eBay notifications. 3 Sales. WHAT? 3? In one hour? It was amazing to say the least... I haven't had that many sales at once since last winter....

So here's what sold:

 Starbucks Park Series Collectors Mug. Paid 1$. This sold within 12 hours of being listed. There was only one listed when I checked my phone at the thrift store when I bought it. It was listed for $399 so I was freaking out. When I got home I saw there were some others around the $50 range. So I listed it for 75$ with best offer. I received an offer Sunday morning of $45, I countered with $55 expecting them not to go for it. They did. And that was that. Not a bad profit! My best in awhile.
 Little Einsteins Pat Pat Rocket. BROKEN! If you look at this thing, the plastic top part of this is missing. I sold it for $25.99 Free Shipping (to a city right next to me). I paid $1.79 for it.
If you saw my "About Me" post awhile back.. I confessed to my undying love for J.Crew. I could spend hours there. I fell in love with their red "Beaded Statement Necklace" a few months ago. (Its similar to the blue one above). I decided I wanted to possibly skip doing eBay and open an online jewelry boutique. So I bought a ton of these colored beaded rose necklaces, just like the J.Crew ones (ahem...knockoffs)...from a manufacturer overseas...(FOR CHEAP!)... and started a little business and begin selling them. Well, after a month and 100+ sales later... I realized that the jewelry business is hard competition... and not really my thing. I live for the thrifting thrill that eBay gives me. So I still have a few of these necklaces left that sell here and there on eBay. This one sold for 15.99 plus shipping. (Paid $5).
And those were my magical sales, from my Sunday magical selling hour. Miracles happen people.


  1. 3 sales in one hour! The stars and planets must have been in alignment or something. Good going!

  2. 3 Sales in the same hour would of had me HYPE! Congrats on your sales. I have yet to find a valuable Starbucks mug. I always keep my eyes out for them!

  3. I enjoyed reading your post and had to chuckle when I read the part about your mom - thinking you were in a ditch. That's something I would do -- great moms think alike! LOL My sales have been a little slow these past couple weeks, but I hope things pick up now that September is here. Great sale on the Starbucks mug!

  4. That Starbucks mug was a great score and I think I would've had to keep that necklace for myself :) Our holiday weekend sales were very good. I'm hoping for a great 4th quarter.