Friday, May 17, 2013

This is not my week.

Here I am. Venting again. I was so excited to write a post this morning about my awesome thrift store finds yesterday... and I get ANOTHER mad customer.

What am I doing wrong?? OK, actually this time its my mistake... I think.

Another printer of mine sold. A printer that retails $100 plus normally... I sold it for 34.99 plus shipping. The printer was brand new when I tested it. It was missing ink and a phone line cord. (Its a fax too). So I stated it was a store return, that it was new, missing a few items but it included: X, Y & Z. I didn't spell out for the buyer INK NOT INCLUDED. So the buyer is mad he didn't catch in the item description of what came in the box, that there wasn't ink.

I know I should have spelled it out.. usually I do. But come on... If it doesn't say INK in whats in the box... THEN DON'T ASSUME THERE IS INK!

What do you guys think? The buyer sent me angry messages.

(No negative feedback yet). He said there were chicken feathers in my box...(WHAT? I don't have a chicken?) He said that "Buyers should beware of me"...and that I should have put INK NOT INCLUDED or the printer would have been priced less (NOT TRUE! I found other completed listings that went for the same price without ink..)

Seriously I am hating eBay more and more every day. And customer service is no help.

I should probably kiss my top rated seller status goodbye.


  1. Do you have some ink you could send him? Sometimes it is just worth keeping the peace with customers.

    I recently had a customer who had 2 addresses listed, one on Paypal and one on eBay. I sent to the Paypal one, not knowing there were two different addresses. (Now I always check!) After I shipped, she asked what address I used, and of course, it was the wrong one. The pkg. came back to me, and I remailed it at my own expense. I honestly did not think she would pay for more shipping. Then, I blocked her from ever buying again after I received positive feedback.

    Remember, eBay is fundamentally an unjust world. There are many, many good buyers and sellers, but some dreadful ones too. Treat those bad ones with kid gloves because the bottom line is that you want to protect your business in the broken world of eBay! Sometimes, taking a few financial hits in the long run is what it takes.

  2. Sometimes it seems that things like this happen in waves. A few months ago I had three unhappy buyers within a week. One I think was probably my fault (I refunded her money), one buyer I think flat out lied to me (I refunded her money too because it was a small enough sale it wasn't worth fighting over), and the third was a size issue and the buyer returned the item and I refunded her money. It was a frustrating week hearing all of the negative.

    I hope you hang in there. Things will come back around.

  3. Dont assume they read the description.....or look at the pictures. Ebay irritated me so bad yesterday iafter a decade of selling in ebay i took the amazon plunge