Monday, May 6, 2013

Consignment Results

I am a little delayed in posting. I have had one sick child, and one teething child. This past week has been a total BLUR! But today we are back to ourselves and catching up on missed time...

Last week my consignment sale ended. I did not do as well as I hoped. I sold 34 items and made 99.48 after all consignor fees, and my percentage I take home. Pretty lame. But like I said in an earlier post.. It is partially my fault for procrastinating. I may do it in the fall if I take the time to tag a bunch of stuff weeks prior to the sale. I volunteered at the sale last weekend, (on a Saturday) and it was completely DEAD at the sale. I was told that usually weekends are their busiest days... Well the sale happened to fall on the weekend of our cities huge annual Rodeo... (Ya I live in a half city, half rodeo town... its weird). So I am hoping that's why some of my brand name, brand NEW items didn't sell.... Oh well.

In a past post I said that my goal was 100 items listed May 1st... Well I am embarrassed to say that didn't happen with everything going on. So I am working on it today. Is there a way you mainstream listings? I try to take all my pictures at once... and then sit down and list them all. The only thing that happens is my kids needs usually stop me and I get sidetracked. I would love to hear what you guys do!


  1. Hi Ashley,

    I just found your blog this weekend - really enjoy it. :)

    I've been selling here and there on EB since 1998 and am now considering an EB store.

    For listings, have you tried Auctiva? I really like it. I know there are other listing services as well.

    Am happy to answer any questions.

    Good luck! :)


  2. I do a lot of my listing on eBay mobile so I will take pics and measurements and post when I have time. Like at ballet or gymnastics. I don't seem to be able to dedicate time just to list.

  3. I list just like Veronica. Bless Ebay mobile:)