Thursday, April 25, 2013

About me and an update

So far the consignment sale has been a WASTE of my time. However, this is partially my fault. I thought tagging and prepping my items would be a breeze. It wasn't, and Tuesday morning, as I was desperately trying to finish tagging (since I had to get the items in that afternoon) I stopped at 70 items. I know, I was a QUITTER! My kids were cranky, I was cranky and stressed, and I was sick of tagging. Oh and did I mention ironing? I ironed and starched everything. 70 items is a lot of stuff, but I prob had about 150 items I could have easily tagged. Next time (if there is a next time) I will not wait till the weekend before to Tag everything. Last night I checked the tagging system and at the presale I only sold 3 things. 3 things? I am 80% sure I wont be doing that again.

------Today I am hopping back on the eBay train. And I am happy to get back!

Since starting this blog, I have already acquired a handful of readers.. Which makes me so excited! I seriously thought NO ONE would read this blog, and it would be a little way to escape mom life, and get some stuff off my chest about selling. So needless to say, this has started off way better than expected. I am so flattered to have some of the people I blog stalked for a year comment on my posts!

Its only appropriate now to tell you a little about me, since there is really nothing about ME on the blog other than a tiny description of myself.

I am Ashley, a 25 year old girl that lives in California. (I am starting to feel like this already sounds cheesy)

A few years ago I started chit chatting with this handsome guy on Facebook. Ya you heard right... FACEBOOK! That is where is all began. We knew each other growing up (We both went to the same church) but never really kept in contact or even acted like we were friends....My husband likes to say its because I was "too cool" for him. He is probably right....

Anyways he was living in another state. We knew right away we were meant to be and he moved back to CA!

Shortly after, we sealed the deal. I have to brag for a second. I have the best hubby. We are opposites about alot of things.. But very similar too. He is my BEST friend, and I seriously cant enough of this guy. I was also lucky enough to marry into the BEST family. (Cant beat that!)

(Me pregnant with our daughter)

We have TWO beautiful kids. A 2 1/2 year old girl. And a 9 month old little guy. They are our pride and joy. You probably wont see too many pictures of them on here. We don't like posting their pics on the web. (call us old fashion I guess).

I supervised an after school program for elementary kids for 7 years, but quit when our little guy was born last year. (I miss that job, but love being a stay at home mom). I also have a photography business that I have had for about 5 years. I have put alot of it on hold with 2 small kids, but still do occasional shoots and weddings for people. My hubby has a great job as a financial advisor.

A few months ago we bought our very first home!! I never in a million years would think our first home would be a brand new home, built with everything we wanted! We are very blessed.

(My instagram picture when we closed escrow)

 This little guy came into our lives a few months ago. Winston the OES (Old english sheep dog).  Holy cow he is a handful, and not so little anymore since this pic! No one told me that puppies are so much WORK! We told our daughter that if she got rid of her binkie she could have a puppy... ya it worked. She got rid of the binkie... but I am not sure anymore if a puppy was worth it!

A few facts about me:
-I LOVE anything sweet. Mainly chocolate.
-I am obsessed with J.Crew
-I could eat sushi 5 days a week.
-I love the "rush" or "thrill" of finding a good deal or a fabulous item to flip on eBay. LOVE IT!
-I have 1 coke a day (pepsi YUCK!)
-I live for weekly costco trips.
-I started selling on ebay to support shopping habbits, help out with a few bills and to pay for our families  fun extra activities. (Like our Disneyland passes!! woohoo)
And now I am a brunette. 
And that is my life in a nutshell.

The end!


  1. It's very nice to know a little about you. I look forward to reading about any eBay tips you may share! I have really just begun to try this.

  2. Thanks for giving us a little snapshot into your life Ashley. Blogging is a great outlet for sharing the ups and downs of Ebay and of life too. Keep posting and commenting and you'll get more readers. Do you have a niche or special category you like to sell in? Any expert advice is always welcome in the selling community.

    1. Lorraine- I don't really have a niche! I think I am trying to find it still. I seem to always sell, antiques, children's items, and clothes! Not really a niche though :/ hopefully over time Ill find something.

  3. Thanks for sharing. So your a Cali girl too. I'm from the Central Coast area. I haven't tried consignments sales yet for the same reasons you mentioned above. So many people seem to do so well. But the only one I found locally was so small it seemed like it would be a waste of time. Let us know how you end up doing on yours.