Thursday, April 4, 2013

First Negative feedback..... UGHHH

--Negative feedback.

I try so hard to do everything I can to avoid this.

First of all... who talks like this.

Second.... The buyer NEVER contacted me.

So I went to check the tracking information.... DELI EVERED.

Ok. So now I am a little annoyed. So I go ahead and contact ebay. What do they say? "Feedback is just an opinion, theres nothing we can do to change it"
Pshhh... I rolled my eyes as I heard this. I know for a fact they can change the feedback. I have seen it done with other sellers blogs I follow.
The ebay customer service rep then went ahead and told me how to submit for a request to "revise feedback."

So I went ahead and submitted the form, as well as a letter to the buyer:
I just received your negative feedback. Here is the tracking number for the item you purchased: (Insert tracking number here)
You can track the item at
Once you track it you can see that the package was indeed delivered to (Insert address here) United States. Which is the address you have provided to have items shipped to.
You also gave negative feedback without even attempting to contact me. Now because I fulfilled my end of the purchase, (Shipped the item as described, and provided delivery confirmation), I am also sending you a feedback request form to ask that you please revise your feedback.
Thank you.

I waited a week. NO RESPONSE.
So I decided to go check other feedback this buyer is leaving for sellers and LOW AND BEHOLD he has left the SAME feedback to other sellers.
Wow. Scamming sellers to get free items.
So of course I contacted ebay. This time, ebay customer service was more than helpful, and they are investigating this to revise the feedback. (Its been a week already, and nothing so far).

So until then. The negative feedback sits.

I cant believe some would stoop so LOW!!!


  1. So sorry you are going through this - I don't know how people can sleep at night when they know this is just plain wrong. I'm hoping Ebay gets to the bottom of it and restores your good feedback which is what they should do!

    1. Thanks Lynn!! I am patiently waiting on ebay! Fingers crossed! :/

  2. Hate to be cynical but I'm 26. I started selling on ebay when I was 13. I get it once every 100 or so transactions. I'm in the same how can you sleep at night boat? Plus when you do enough my best match is on the very bottom which sucks for my sales big time. I'm a below standard seller with pretty much no hope of getting back up....btw i have 5 neg fb and just shy of 600!positive in the lst year