Sunday, April 21, 2013

On the back burner!

Ebay has taken the back burner this week, (which explains my 1 SALE!). I have so many listings to do before my store opens in a WEEK!
One problem.
I totally forgot I signed up for a local kids consignment sale.
Just Between Friends. Anyone heard of it? I think its an West coast one.
Anyways. I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO STILL! Ive been ironing, and organizing. And now I have to tag everything tonight.

This is my first ever consignment sale. If anyone reading this that has experience with these sales, I would  greatly appreciate some tips.

On another note.....
I DID have some time to stop at a goodwill this weekend for some inventory. I realized that overpriced Goodwill isnt a place I should stop at anymore for items. I dont get it. Is this just the Goodwill in my area? First of all they mark with sharpie the price of the items in ridiculous spots. I saw a nice designer dress that had $11 dollars marked on the inside of the dress. ON the dress. WITH A SHARPIE! And dont worry it bled through and you could see $11 on the back of the dress. The other thing that bugs is that our Goodwill here has a deal with Target. They get all of Target's overstock, and clearance items that dont sell. Heres the annoying part...... You know those $1 dollar items that they have at target in the bins when you walk in? Dont worry, my Goodwill marks them up to about $5. Or even that clearanced clock from Target that was $10 bucks... Goodwill has it marked at $50.
Ugh. Im Over Goodwill.

Well enough complaining. Thats my rant for the week.
Wish me luck on the consignment sale!


  1. Yes, a lot of people are over Goodwill. It used to be a place where you could find reasonable prices, especially for people who are struggling. And what you have to remember is that most of their stock is DONATED! That eliminates a lot of their costs right out of the gate. I only donate to the Salvation Army now. We have Just Between Friends here in Minneapolis too. Good luck with that! I have never even shopped at one. I'll have to check it out.

  2. I agree with you about Goodwill. Way to overpriced! Our Goodwill's don't mark the price right on the item though (that is crazy!). They tag items and have stickers (generated from a printer with a barcode) that they put on items.

    I have found resale items at Goodwill but they are few and far between. Our goodwills have a tag color that is 1/2 price and it changes once a month. I usually only try to buy clothing that is 1/2 price. I just bought up some Columbia snow pants/suits for $4-$5 (1/2 price) that I will be able to resell in the fall for $20-$30 each.

    GL at your consignment sale! We have JBF sales around here but I've never been to one.

  3. Thanks for the input guys! I am glad I am not the only one who thinks Goodwill is LAME! :) I too will only be donating to Salvation Army now Linden!
    Melissa... Thats great that your GW has sales! None of the GW's around here have sales. NEVER! So it makes it even more of a waste of my time ;)

  4. Where are you located? I am also on the West Coast (Oregon). JBF sales have just come to my town - in fact, they had their second (ever) sale here a couple weeks ago, but I was out of town that whole weeks so I didn't consign or attend. For me, the jury is still out as to whether or not they are worth all the time and effort invested. For the established sales (that I hear about online) it seems like people can do great. Here where the sales are just getting started, it's pretty hit or miss. And it's a lot of work getting everything together! Hope you're able to get some sleep tonight. :-)

    I also find Goodwill a waste of time, and almost never go there. Too expensive for me!

  5. If your sale people say you can, make your tags a different color. Or if you can't do that, tie some curling ribbon or yarn around the top of the hanger. It makes it easier to find you stuff when you pick up.

    The one I bring my stuff to here on the east coast allows you to shop earlier if you volunteer or consign. Sometimes I just do the minimum because I look for stuff to sell at the sale. not clothing so much as plush, scrabble tiles, vintage toys etc.

    Good luck with it. I almost think you have to do one once to figure out if it is for you!

  6. Goodwill is outrageously priced. My Goodwills used to put certain tags 50% off each week so I would only shop those tags but now they don't even offer that. Mine don't use marker on the clothes but they do put the tags on the shoulder and they always tend to make holes in the clothing. Good luck on the sale.

  7. Kari- I am in California! The central valley! You are right.....It is a TON of work. I realized today I am WAY over my head... and it might not even be worth it. :/

    Lynn- Thanks for the tips! They wont let me use ribbons or colored tags. :/ As soon as I saw your comment I asked! :) I get to shop early too since I am volunteering! I didnt even think about looking for stuff to sell.

    Veronica- THANKS!

  8. I think consignment sales are great for a certain demographic...moms of young children who are looking for a way to earn a little $$$. Yes, it is a ton of work. But you can do it from your home after the kiddos are sleeping, or during naptime. Best of all - you do NOT have to stay at the sale! I have never personally volunteered. An extra 5%? Really? I think I'll stay home. ;)

    At the last consignment sale I did in the Fall, after all fees ($10 fee + 35% of sales), and after my cost of items I bought to resell, I netted a little over $600. It was a nice chunk, but ultimately not worth it for me. The culture of my home dramatically changed during the weeks leading up to the sale. Too much stress, not enough prepared meals, etc.

    That being said, I really wish it HAD worked out for me. And I love reading about other people's consigning experiences. :) I hope you sell lots!

    1. Jill- Thanks for sharing your experience!! I envy you! Today was the pre-sale and I just checked in and only sold 3 things! Blah! If it keeps up like this I am NOT doing this again.
      I am starting to think the stress was not worth it! :)

  9. Our goodwills all closed in the Philly pa area or most anyway...they do both obnoxious pricing and target clearance. Our Salvation Army is way overpriced is our local thrift shop. I rarely go thrifting :( but we do have a really awesome flea market yard round a couple miles from home.....and I just go really heavy on yard sales. We also do storage auctions which takes everything up to the next level of picking through people's trash haha