Monday, April 8, 2013

The block sale of the year.... kind of

Where I live (California), Yard sales never go out of style. If its raining, they are out there. If its foggy and freezing, they are out there. If its 95 degrees at the crack of dawn, they are STILL out there. In the town I live in there is a large community of new homes. Its a beautiful area that's been around just a few years. Within this community, there are about 8 different sections of builders with their division of homes, an elementary school, a community park with a school, and beautiful trails. It is a desired place to live around here.
Yearly (since this community popped up 3 years ago) they have a block sale at the beginning of April. I am talking around 1000 homes that have the opportunity to participate in this YARD SALE OF THE YEAR.
Sounds wonderful for a eBayer like me right?
Here's the problem with this for an ebay seller:
1. New community. Most homes are younger couples (first time home buyers) with not too many items that could be a good flip.
2. Higher end homes. These families think their items are worth big bucks. "Oh you want $11 dollars for your white shirt with arm pit stains?"
3. New homes = purged homes. When people move they usually go through stuff before they move and get rid of junk, extra items. "Purging." Leaving not a whole lot at for a yard sale down the road.

So I was a little bummed out. It was fun though to hit up 25+ yard sales in a hour and I did find a shoe organizer for my closet, a brand new dress shirt for my husband (which is so hard to find anyways for a slim six foot five man). I also got a few clothes to resell at a local consignment sale next week.

All in all it was quite the experience.


  1. That sounds exactly like the neighborhood where my brother's family used to live (Plumas Lake, north of Sacramento). I loved that area. Never had the opportunity to yard sale there, though.

    1. Just be glad you didnt Kari! :) I am in the Fresno area... I have heard of Plumas Lake and heard its beautiful!

  2. I avoid all newer neighborhoods with young families. To me it is a plastic toy nightmare (although Kari does awesome with toys). I like old neighborhoods, with old people, with lots of old crap. If I buy clothes to resell it is at thrifts or garage sales on craigslist that advertise sales of designer clothes. BTW, welcome to the blogging world! I really like the look of your blog and am always glad to have another reselling blog to read :)

    1. Marci, great tips and you are so right about where to go to find the good stuff :) Thanks for the warm welcome :) :)