Friday, April 12, 2013

Me on eBay Radio!

Have you listened to eBay Radio with Griff and Lee?

Yesterday I was on it! They "dished" one of my listings. A listing I CANNOT get to sell, even though I know its worth something!

To listen to me, sound dumb,  go here! (I am about half way through the segment)

They gave me a score of 4.9 out of 5. I still have some revisions to do to my listing, that they advised me to do. One suggestion is to have a return policy. I DON'T have one. I really don't want to hassle with it, or be used and abused by buyers. I'm considering it though for some listings. A few listeners of the show messaged me afterwards and advised me to change my return policy. We will see.

Here's the item they "dished." A Nielson illustrated bible from the 40's. I found one similar listing that sold for over $80. I haven't seen anything like it on eBay since. Its in its original box and in really good shape. I get tons of watchers on this thing... but nothing. Then I relist it after 30 days, and I get 2 watchers.... Then tons again, then none. Its so strange. I think I have re listed it 4 times so far. My husband picked it up at an estate sale for $1. It was a great find.

Here's to hoping this bad boy sells!

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  1. I started a return policy a couple months ago so ppl would stop using and abusing buyer protection. Well it has helped mostly....but ebay is still protecting a buyer and making me pay 20 in shipping even though its against my return policy. I'm out 150 dollars and a great complete Polly pocket set from my childhood collection :( really bummed. I would do the returns just because buyer pays return shipping original shipping not refunded 10% restocking fee tends to scare away most would be pains :)