Monday, April 15, 2013

Last Weeks Sales

Last weeks sales were nothing spectacular....I sold quite a few printers. If you havent seen my post below, I have well over 100 Canon printers sitting in my garage. I bought them from a local overstock auction that sells store returns and overstock from all over the country. I am so lucky to have one of these auction warehouses in my home town.
Anyways I think I sold 8 printers. Most of them sold for around $30 plus shipping. (A few best offers mixed in there) and I paid around $1 a printer. 
Also sold:

                                                               XL Caboodle Case- Paid: Free
                                                                Sold $20 plus shipping

 Mens Vans Paid: $1 Sold: $18.99 plus shipping.

I seriously need to step up my game. My goal is 100 listings May 1st. I have like 17 right now. THATS IT! This week I am going listing crazy.


  1. Nice sales. What genre do you like to sell the most?

    1. Hi Jill!!! I haven't really found my niche yet! I'm all over the board. I think if I had to choose, maybe clothes and kid items.... I think. Lol