Friday, May 31, 2013

Mac VS PC (and some other stuff)

Ahhh. My computer is slowing leaving me. I knew the time was coming, but I didn't know how soon. I have a pink little Dell XPS that I have had since 2009, and its def running on its last leg.
This week, there has been a few times that I thought it was for SURE a goner. Like, it wouldn't turn on a few times.... <<cue the depressing music>>.

So we have been looking at computers. I am a TOTAL PC girl. I have only owned PCs my whole life...Although I have owned Iphone, Ipods, and Ipads. I am kind of leaning towards a Mac book...(even though they are more expensive than a PC/Laptop....gulp)

So whats better... PCs... or Macs?

In other news

I lost my Top Rated Seller Status.... :(
Remember that buyer that revised his feedback last week? Well since he revised it on the 21st of May, after eBay's 20th of the month TRS check, (where they make sure your meeting all requirements) I lost it. I actually think its kind of lame. The feedback was revised.. My Fb is over 98%... but because it fell under 98% with that buyer for that SHORT time...They took it away.
What a BUMMER!
But, I am back up to meeting the requirements...(once the buyer revised his FB), so I get it back June 20th. Ughhhh

---Ive been trying to list everyday...(If my computer turns on)... And working on getting my listings to 100.. I have been majorly SLACKING. We went to Disneyland 2 weeks ago, and I had so major commitments in my church that have taken up some time... But this past week I have been listing daily..Not that many things though. Here's my sales the past week:

 Paid 89 cents... Sold 5.50 - shipping
 Same as above
Mud pie shortall. Paid $0 (gift) Sold $18.00 - Shipping
Printer- Paid 1-2$ Sold $38 - Shipping
And that's it! Nothing fantastic. I need to pump up those listings.
I'm so excited to go yard saling tomorrow with my brother. Hubby is taking the kids, and my Brother and I are going nuts. Ill be posting my finds tomorrow, along with my thrift finds later tomorrow night!
Happy Selling!


  1. I'm a MAC girl! LOVE them! Well worth the expense with the amount of time saved NOT dealing with PC issues.

    My mom and dad use our original one that is almost 10 years old. I have a Macbook that is 6 years old that is still going strong even though the operating system is so out of date it isn't funny, and I am now on an i-mac with my eye on a new Macbook with the SD card slot so DH and I can work at the same time. We have only ever had to take one in 2 times in the last 10 years. There is a learning curve when changing from a PC, but once you figure it out it's so easy!

  2. I agree, mac girl all the way. Way easier to use, almost no virus issues and they do last a long time. Can be hard to find software for, only drawback

  3. We have both here in my house. My daughter has an imac and it's pretty awesome, but we had to take the whole thing in last year to get the hard drive replaced. There was a recall. The service was free but the nearest Apple store is 1-1/2 hours away and we had to buy a back up hard drive to save her files for re installation which was $500. Other than that it's been trouble free.

    I use an HP Omni all in one desktop and I love it! I immediately deleted all Norton Security software and installed Kaspersky virus protection which has been trouble free for 2 years. The only issue I've had with it is that I have to keep it cool (away from sunny windows) and the letters are wearing off the keyboard.

    Good luck deciding!