Monday, August 26, 2013

Haunted Listing?

This guy has been sitting around forever. He is a Boyds Bear Teddy. My mother in law gave me a whole box of them. Unfortunately none of the bears have their original tags... and unfortunately I think my husband donated the whole box to Goodwill when we moved. So this guy is the only one left. I have listed him about 5 times in the last year. I usually get about 20 views in a 30 day period. And maybe 1 watcher. Last month I decided to list him again. He sat. Hardly any views, and no activity. About a week ago I relisted him again. I did not change anything in my listing:

118 Views? What is going on!? He has never even made it past 20 views!
Maybe the post really is haunted... or maybe he has a secret admirer. In any case, I just hope he sells so I can get him the heck out of here!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Some random sales

So I know, I am a terrible blogger. Summer is just so busy as a mom!
Our family just spent a week in northern Cali camping, and a few beach trips. We also had cousins in town, and in a few weeks are doing a few days of Disneyland. Ebay has taken the backseat again. I have a store with 27 listings in it....<face palm>. But I need to kick it back in gear for two reasons.
1. I need a new J.Crew winter Wardrobe,
and 2. There are a few dance classes I want to put our almost 3 year old in, and I vow to pay for them with eBay funds.
So, catching up, here are my past few sales:

 Care Bear Lot. That's right! It sold. Paid 10$ For 30 bears, sold this lot of 12 for $30 Free shipping.
 Merona flats. Bought these two years ago on clearance for $3, they didn't fit. Sold for $12 Free shipping
Carters Onesie Set. NWT. A gift my daughter never wore. Sold for 16.99 Free Shipping.

And that's seriously it. Yikes. But seriously eBay has been slow. Things that normally sell quickly are not moving.

On a good note, I am so happy with the Fall Seller Update!! Did you hear if you happen to fall behind on TRS standards, you have two months to fix it.
The ebay heavens have heard my prayers!!!