Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Warning For Sellers

Last night around Midnight, I sold this cute Paddington bear. Paid, .75 Cents for it, sold it for $20. Not bad. When I went to ship it this morning I noticed a strange address. It was going to a company called ACI Express Inc. in California. The address also had a weird reference code after the letters KGL. I thought it was weird but decided to ship it. After I packaged it all up, I decided to Google the address just in case.
I only googled "ACI EXPRESS" and tons and tons of forums popped up with sellers saying "DO NOT SHIP TO THESE PEOPLE...." etc.


Apparently they are a forwarding company. They buy from US sellers and then ship overseas. They buy thousands and thousands of things a day. The problem is... things do not get to their destination safely. The international destination. So they try to hold US, the sellers, responsible. They call Paypal to get a charge back. There is SOOO much stuff about this company online. They have TONS of buyer IDs. And this has been going on for years.

The most common thing I have read they are doing is either 1. Saying the package never got to CA (really their international destination), and opening a claim with Paypal...NOT EBAY. Or 2. Saying the item is broken. Because they are buying thousands of things everyday... and shipping it overseas... sellers are learning about this company.. and many are posting about their experiences on the web.

Luckily my item is a stuffed animal... so it will not break... but there is a good chance it can mysteriously disappear.

So. If you sell anything with the name ACI or KGL in the ID or Paypal name... use caution. I strongly suggest you have them sign for the package.

I posted about this in the FB group... and a few sellers remembered the name and had some weird encounters/emails with them already. Chances are some of my readers have to.