Wednesday, October 2, 2013

End of Sept. Sales

I am a little late posting my sales. I have been sick. You moms out there know, there is NO time to be sick. Blah.

 So there was a ton of talk on the East coast about a new line at Target (That's right. TARGET) by a designer by the name of Phillip Lim. I read that tons of people would be lining up everywhere for this designers stuff..(Namely handbags) as they would be limited to every store. Only certain Targets were planning on carrying the line. What do you know... my little towns Target would be carrying the line. Since my town isn't too up on "fashion" I didn't think people would be running out the door with these bags...and I was right. I picked up one of these bags (That were sold out in many other towns) for 54.99 and listed it at auction. It sold in a 24 hour auction for $92 plus shipping. Not too bad.
 UGGs are the craziest thing to sell on eBay. No matter how raunchy they look, if they are priced cheap I pick them up. These were pretty dirty. I picked them up at a Yard sale for $5 and they sold within 24 hours for.......49.95- Free Shipping
 Holy Bible. Paid $1 Sold for $12
This bible was once listed for $84.99 with over 15 watchers. It sat and sat. I even talked about it on eBay Radio if you saw my post about it awhile back. I caved when I got a best offer on this selling dud.
 FFA Tie. Paid 50 Cents. Sold for $15 Free Shipping
Fabric Baby Book. Paid 50 Cents sold for 6.95 Free Shipping. (Another long time selling dud)

Not Pictured:
2 Separate packs of HP Ink. Paid $1 Sold for 24.95 Free Shipping

IPhone 5c. I had an upgrade. Got the 5c. Decided my Iphone my 4s was fine.... and SOLD THE 5c! I know I am crazy! But I am a true eBayer. If I see a flipping opportunity.... I just HAVE TO DO IT!
Paid $135 for a 5c 16gb Iphone.
Sold for $575 free shipping.

Shout out to Lorraine at We are Clamco for suggesting to make a listing end with a ".95" price. So instead of 12.99, change it to 12.95. Ok I experimented with this idea and it WORKS! Crazy...Right?


  1. Hey! Thanks for the shout out! I'm glad your experiment worked! It is crazy, but I think there's something to it. Go figure!

  2. I do that with our iPhone upgrades too :) except we get the free one it sells for less but is less of a risk. Also uggs I picked up a pair with almost a hole on the toe. Bought for 50 cents (!!!) sold for 32.99 plus shipping :) awesome on the bag!! Funny how brands go in and our of style I have coach bags i can't even sell for 20.00

  3. Congrats on the great flips! I'm going to have to try Lorraine's idea, too :)

  4. Great idea on the phone. I have an upgrade and am debating using. With that kind of money I think I will. Nice sales.

  5. Great flips! Especially the iPhone 5C! I have 2 upgrades (on a family plan) and thinking about flipping the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Not sure yet though...

  6. I had no idea uggs still sold for so much. They get so ugly so quickly! Nice job on the purse, I love when you can list risk-free and return to store if it doesn't work out.