Thursday, December 5, 2013

BOLO: Perfection

Last week while with my brother, we briefly stopped by a few yard sales before heading out to a sibling breakfast with my dad. We were kind of late in the yard sale world of timing, so I figured we wouldn't find much. My brother picked up a perfection game that was like NEW. Remember perfection? A total 90's kid game.
Much to my brothers disappointment the game was broken. He was going to toss it, and I asked him if I could keep the pieces. Luckily all pieces were there, and I quickly listed them. Within the first hour I had them listed I got quite a few watchers, and then bang... a buyer! Sold for $11.95 FS. (We paid 50 cents for the game).
After the listing ended, I even got a few messages from eBayers wanting to know if the pieces sold, and REALLY wanting them. Wow. So this of course sparked my curiosity for how much the game goes for itself.
Check out this recently ended Perfection game auction HERE
Seriously. I see these games alot. Its just a matter of if they have all their pieces intact :)


  1. So smart! And that's a really fun game too!

  2. I love when ebaay watchers ask if thhe item sold....if you *really* wanted it you shoulda bought it instead of watched it:) great sale!

  3. I've never even heard of this game. Thanks for the info.

  4. I bought an individual game piece for the game Stratego this week off of ebay that I needed to sell the game as complete. There is definitely a market out there for pieces of games. Thanks for the tip!

  5. I HAVE SEEN THIS GAME AT LEAST TEN TIMES AND NEVER PICKED IT UP OUT OF FEAR OF MISSING PIECES! never thought to sell replacement pieces! Great tip!

  6. Great BOLO!! I have recently started picking up the Scrabble games for $1 and then sell the pieces separately. I usually wait to have a lot of 6. Have also started selling the Monoploy pieces, but never thought about other games, like Perfection. I am now going to pick those up. Thanks for the info!