Monday, January 13, 2014

Merry....errrr Late Christmas? And a Happy New Year!

I totally neglected my blog the last month. My life has been insane. This is what happened:

1- My kids BOTH had horrible reactions to flu shots. Causing a week of my 24/7 time with them. (104 degree fevers, and cranky kids = no fun). (Also it means I get NO SLEEP)
2- Family Visiting
3- I took on multiple DIY Christmas presents... some took WAY MORE TIME than I thought.
4- Severe Jalapeno Burns on my hands from canning hot pepper jelly. No I didn't wear gloves.
5- We re homed our dog. It was SO SAD! We love him, but he is a gigantic 60 pound puppy that loved to jump, and unfortunately our kids were becoming scared of him because of his size and energy... so he wasn't getting the time he deserved. We homed him... and to make a long story short he ended up being in 6 different homes (badly mistreated by one, and abandoned by another) and it was a 2 week nightmare... BUT he ended up finding the PERFECT home, and his new owner and I have become good friends... so there was a happy ending.
6- We are currently getting over pneumonia and sinus infections in our house. (My poor kids have pneumonia and hubby and I sinus infections)...

Luckily the winter illnesses are starting to fade, and the holiday hustle and bustle is calming down. I feel like I can finally get back into the swing of things. My eBay sales were FANTASTIC right before Christmas. I was selling about 3-4 things a day which was awesome for me. It has since slowed down, but luckily I still have a stream of sales happening. Despite all the craziness I have been able to keep up my listings. (yay me!).
So with all of that being said, Happy Late Holidays and Happy New Year!

Here are some note worthy sales I had during the last month:
(All sales free shipping unless noted)
 Paid: 50 Cents Sold: 14.95
 Paid: $1 Sold: $21.95 (This is seriously hideous)
 Paid: $0! My father in law was going to toss it out. Bell Pit Boss Motorcycle helmet. Used. Sold: $59.95
 PG&E Mug. Ok so I grabbed this without looking this up. I knew it was probably unique since its the power company in California. When I got home I listed it at 15.35 and it sold right away. I should have listed it a little higher. (Paid 50 cents)
So after I posted my previous post about perfection pieces, I went to an estate sale and found this baby for $5! Complete with all the pieces. I listed it right when I got home at auction and it ended up selling for $45.05 plus calculated shipping! One of my favorite sales of 2013!


  1. We are 3 very skeptical people who refuse to get flu shots because we're afraid of bad reactions like your children had. That's really scary! And so sad about your dog. We had to re-home our first dog. We adopted a greyhound and never had a dog before so we were unprepared for what was involved. We had no choice but to find another home for her. I cried for a week. I'm so glad you finally found yours a good home. That must have been so hard for you. And good find on the Perfection game. I've been keeping my eye out for one, but so far no luck.

  2. Wow, busy month! Mine was similar, crazy busy and I was glad it was over. So glad you found a good home for your dog, and got a friend out of it. Sounds like it worked out like it was supposed to. Great sales! I was rocking it at Christmas and was sad for it to slow down. Dont you love the sales of items you got for free? My favorite :)

  3. So sorry to hear about all the sickness you and your family have had to deal with, but happy to hear everyone is on the mend. My entire family (all 5 of us) were sick with a respiratory infection from the day after Thanksgiving until just a few days before Christmas. I hardly listed anything during that time. But luckily, since it was the holiday season, sales continued to come in. And now that things are calming down, like you, I'm getting back to work! :)