Friday, January 24, 2014

i love INK! A BOLO

A small tip for your Friday afternoon from me to you!

Always, always, ALWAYS pick up printer ink when you see it for sale for cheap. I love love buying ink. Even if it goes for cheap on eBay. Why you ask?
It either sells for cheap, but sells SUPER fast.... or it can make you a big profit but still sell FAST!
I always see new ink at yard sales or thrift stores and I make sure to buy it every time (even expired ink).

I bought these for $3 each. They both sold in one listing for $28.49. Minus $2 shipping and some seller fees, I profited $18. Best part; they sold within an hour!

Happy Friday! Notice the marking on the ink boxes? Yep those are from Goodwill... Remember my post here? More about what happened with that later.


  1. My cats broke my printer last week. I had just loaded up on have 9 cartridges to sell now :(

  2. Love ink! Toner cartridges, too! I picked up 3 at the thrift store for $12 each, but I sold them all for between $69 and $90 at auction with buyer paying shipping.

  3. oh! I'll be keeping my eye out for those.

  4. Thank you for sharing, keep bringing more
    I recently hp ink 122 it was compatible with most of the printer.