Thursday, March 20, 2014

BOLO: An Iconic Frosting.

Yes you read right. Frosting. Only the best frosting around that takes me back to my childhood....
Just looking at this picture makes my mouth DROOL!

Betty Crocker unfortunately decided to discontinue the Rainbow Chip Frosting.... (and cake mix I believe), and replace it with "Rainbow Sprinkles".... which "in my opinion" is NOT the same as rainbow chip.
.....PSSST... Betty Crocker... WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

Luckily for us... its selling like crazy on eBay.

Check out the completeds by clicking HERE.

4 tubs of these babies just sold for $85!!!

Yesterday I went to hunt out some still lurking around in those low end grocery stores that sell items for really cheap that are about to expire. I had NO luck.... and I was so BUMMED.
So- If you have some of these in your pantry, or know of a grocery store that might still be carrying them... Get them listed! OR do what I might have done... eaten them.


  1. The tastiest BOLO in the world!!

  2. Oh that makes me sad I loved that kind and cherry chip was the best cake mix ever invented and I can't ever find that anymore either!

  3. I LOVE Cherry Chip! It is hard to find! There is a grocery store that carries it here. If you ever want me to send you some I would be happy to!!! :)

  4. Who would have thought people would pay big bucks for frosting. Its all about supply and demand i guess!

  5. I'm pretty sure if that were in my cupboards it would never get listed :)