Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekly Sales Wrap Up

This last Monday I was in a "eBay Slump". I realized when I woke up Monday that nothing had sold during the weekend. Usually I get the most sales over the weekend. I was getting sad about it. My hubby's birthday was coming up and I wanted to get him these shoes I saw him drooling over with my own hard earned money... Not OUR money that he works so hard for. That might be silly, but as a Stay at Home mom, I sometimes miss working hard for my own consistant paycheck like I used to. There is nothing better then earning money you worked hard for. And sometimes it feels so weird to just spend the money my husband earned on his birthday. Does anyone get what I mean?
Anyways... So on Monday I decided I was going to spend the whole day going through my house and listing anything and everything I could find... Whether it was old inventory I never got around to listing, or stuff we no longer we needed.
Guess what happened? Stuff started selling... AS I WAS LISTING. It was so weird.
I know everyone says it, but I am going to reiterate it. The more you list, the more you sell.
So- that being said.. here are some of my past week sales.
 Disney Winnie the Pooh Waffle Iron (I kind of wish I kept this for myself now!!) Paid $10 Sold $44.95 Fs
 J Crew Jackie Vest. Paid $1.50 Sold $15.95 Fs
 Mini Merrill Lynch Padfolio Paid: Found it in my house Sold: $34.95 fs
 Barney Pillow Pet Paid: Gift Sold: $24.95 Fs
 Clarks Loafers Paid: Free (belonged to my brother). Sold: 24.95 Fs (These could have gone for more but they had a big scuff on them)
 ShoreTel Business Phone Paid: Free (From my father in laws old business). Sold For parts: 24.95. I couldn't test it so I couldn't get a a lot for it. If it was in working condition it would have went from $50-$160
1987 Marcus Rodent M.D. Paid: $1 Sold: 18.95 Fs
I am so glad I finally sold this ugly thing. 
Remember all of those printers I had blogged about here?
Well I tested alot of the ink before I would send them off. I realized I had about 70 empty cartridges laying around still. So I looked them up in the completeds.. and what do you know... empty cartridges DO sell! 
These sold for $199.95 Free Shipping. Awesome sale... and sold within a few hours. 

So I WAS able to get those shoes... AND I was able to throw a nice little party. 
And at the end of the day, this is why I love eBay!


  1. congrats! i know *exactly* what you mean! HAHA (ah the life of a stay at home mom) since our ebay account actually has a legal LLC business I have to sell our personal stuff on a separate account. Listing on both business and personal like crazy and was amazed with the boost in sales also (i havent listed must because im in school and its either homework, ebay, or sleep and the kids and I have all been sick this week) I LOVE that waffle iron. I always want to keep stuff like that too :D

    1. Do you have a blog? If not you should start one. I am curious about your business account and exactly what you do.
      Thanks for sharing... I am glad there is someone else out there that feels the same way I do! :)

    2. a blog is on my to do has been for like 2 years now. maybe I should start one :D maybe that will be my semester is over lets do a blog. :D

  2. I totally get it, I love knowing that the fun extras don't come from my husbands paycheck, but mine. Great job with those cartridges! Who knew?

  3. I didn't know empty cartridges sell. Whaddyaknow? I'm having the same Monday you had last week. I only sold one small item over the weekend. I usually do much better than that. Gotta get listing this week, I guess. You did great with what you had around the house. Glad you were able to treat hubby for his birthday.

    1. Those mondays are the pits! ;) Thanks Lorraine!

  4. As a stay at home mom, I understand what you mean, but you have to remember that we work very hard every single day. We just don't get the paycheck. Try to think about how much money you save your family by staying home- no expensive work clothes, less eating out, no daycare expense, less money spent on gas getting back and forth to work. You're also able to care for your kiddos full-time, which is absolutely priceless. Your contributions go way beyond what a paycheck would.
    Btw, great flips!

    1. You are TOTALLY right Kimberly. We do work hard. And actually you brought to light some things I have never thought about. I didnt realize how much money I was saving my NOT working. I guess the only thing hard for me is that consistant paycheck that I can always count on. Thanks for your comments.

  5. I totally get what you mean! I left my job when I had my 1st child because I couldn't see the point of spending over 3/4 of my salary on daycare so that I could go to a job I really hated anyway. I have always tried to find ways to contribute financially! I try to use my ebay and photo money for the fun things that I do with my kiddos, fund my thrifting addiction and buy gifts! Great job on the sales this week!

    1. We sound so much alike Samantha. My eBay pays for about the same things. I am happy to say though, that through eBay I am able to also pay for all our groceries.
      thank you!

  6. $200 for those cartridges!? Staples & Office Depot give me $2 LOL

    Good for you selling - I need to list tomorrow because I didn't sell anything today.

  7. That’s nice to hear! I’m glad your entrepreneurial skills enabled you to turn unwanted items into cash. Like you said, nothing feels better than earning money by working hard. Those are lovely things, by the way. If I were the owner of those, it would have been hard for me to part with them.

    Dan Tryon