Thursday, February 27, 2014

Copy Cat Listing Part 2

If you didn't read about my latest eBay dilemma, you can here.

eBay never removed the listing that was using my picture. And the listing was in my watching list just taunting me. So I took the matter into my own hands.

My message to the seller:

Hi. I am writing you to ask you to please take down the picture for this item that you took from my personal listing. This picture is my own that I took myself. It is against eBay policy to use pictures that are not yours.

Seller Response 1:

That is not a problem not sure when I have my own listings my new girl used your picture and made a new listing. Wow! 49.95 and you are worried about a picture. Consider it taken down dear. Sarah

Seller Response 2:

I hate to tell you but your description is false they did not come out in 1994 I know for a fact they were made last year.

Seller Response 3:

271413115260 that is my new auction number so you can see I took it down. Sarah

My response to 1, 2, & 3:

Thank you. And thank you for being so polite about it... (SARCASM)

Seller Response 4:

Just an fyi the copyright was 1966 and the registered trade mark in 1994. We are a Hallmark dealer. That is what the c and the r with the dates stand for not the date it was made. I just didn't think you understood what those dates are for we get them in all the time. Sarah

So all in all the picture was removed. The seller loved to point out all my mistakes since I pointed out hers I guess. I wanted to explain myself to her, but didn't think that was necessary. At the time of listing the mug, there was no other listings and hardly any info, so I decided to list it high with a best offer. And now my pride is in the way, and I refuse to lower to my price because Sarah pointed it out to me :)

The only thing that really bugs me about this whole situation is that eBay took no action. I love eBay, and I understand that the system can be flawed at times, and I do think in the last few months they have made a better effort at being on the sellers side... but in this case it should have been a no brainer. Its an easy rule to follow....



  1. That would bug me as well. Some sellers have their name across their gallery photo. I thought we weren't allowed to do that, but somehow they can. I don't get it. There's a seller in the video game category that uses a dragon toy as a prop for his items. It certainly makes it easy to pick out his listings and I don't think anyone would dare try and get away with copying his pictures. Here is the link to his items for sale:

    1. Wow Lorraine. How did you find this guy? What a great idea. If I was selling one category of items I think I would do that for sure!! What a smart seller.

  2. Its so hard not to get discouraged when stuff like that happens. When Paypal took away my money over that stupid Lilo costume last fall I seriously considered stopping all together because it was just so heartbreaking and there was pretty much nothing I could do about it. But then I got another good sale and decided it was better to just put it behind me and move forward, was hard to do though!

  3. "Consider it taken down *dear*"?!?! PUNCH!!!

    I would have said "Thank you my dear sweet baby."

    1. HAHA! I totally laughed out loud when I read your comment. Thats exactly what I should have said back. I will consult with you next time I deal with a crazy. lol

  4. Samantha- I remember you posting about that.. and feeling angry for you. I think theres always going to be some kind of dissapointing things happening on eBay, or other selling types of sites... Its just part of the "business." :) You are so right though.. move forward!

  5. Wow, she sounds "fun". Gosh, how rude.
    I guess every system has it flaws but this is really disappointing.

    1. I know. The eBay system let me down this time :(

  6. Good for you for contacting her and getting it taken down. From the sound of her comments, she seems very unprofessional. I don't think she's going to last long as an ebay seller.

    1. Thanks Kimberly. It actually felt good to just take the matters into my own hands.
      I know I was completely suprised at her response. I would be embarrased if I was her, and not so rude. oh well!