Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sales as of late

My sales have been pretty good the last few months. I have had a steady stream of them every week. I have been able to keep 50-70 listings in my shop at a time, which has been perfect for me and my busy life. All you 200+ listing sellers are probably rolling your eyes at me right now... I know... I am a total baby when it comes to listing.

So this last weekend, hubby and I decided to go on a mini vacation to Palm Springs, Ca- without our kids! It was so much fun.. and the best part? We spent one of the mornings there going to thrift stores, garage sales, and estate sales. It was so much fun... and I got some GREAT finds that I will post about later as soon as I take some pictures.

So here are some more recent sales for me:

 Starbucks 2006 Pink Mug Paid: $1 Sold: $21.95 FS
 Pampered Chef Accent Decorator Paid: $1.50 Sold for $16.95 FS (Shipped first class! Wohoo!)
 Wrangler Jeans Paid: Free (given to me) Sold: 15.95 FS
 Bailey's Irish Creme Mug Set Paid: $2 Sold: $15.95 FS
 Starbucks Cork Base Mug 2013 Paid: 50 Cents Sold: $19.45 FS
 Starbucks 2007 Easter Mug Paid:$1 Sold: $13.95 FS
 Prince Consort HungryMan tie (This sat for MONTHS!) Paid: 50 cents Sold: $22.95 FS
 Blues Clues Dancing Singing 14" plush Paid: $3 Sold: $28.95 FS
Prada Sport Shoe. Paid: FREE (My husbands shoes he barely wore) Sold: $77.95 FS
So these are just a few of my sales. I know its a ton of mugs..(this isn't all of the mugs I have sold). Even though mugs are not a huge profit, they are very easy to sell. They are usually very cheap to buy, easy to list and easy to ship. I ship all my mugs in a priority padded envelope using the jelly roll method. I have perfected my packaging method for these babies and will have to share sometime!


  1. LOVE the jelly roll method! I never have to beg borrow and steal for boxes again and its awesome! I ship almost everything in padded flat rate mailers now! Great sales!

    1. I actually think I learned to Jelly Roll from one of your previous blog posts! :)

    2. Awesome! Good to hear that!! I have also taken up Kari from She Thrifts' advice about using inside out dry food boxes. I turn them inside out and when I ship first class they are so easy and lightweight, I cant tell you how many Ritz cracker and Annies mac & cheese boxes people have received from me!

    3. So you dont wrap them in anything? Just inside out and put the label on? I think I remember reading about this on Kari's blog but never tried it.

    4. Yep because most boxes are just plain cardboard on the inside so I just flip them put whatever I'm shipping in either bubble wrap or something else to protect it and tape it up! I've used cracker boxes, Mac & Cheese (those worked great for my strawberry shortcake dolls!) and cereal boxes, super handy and a 2nd use for something I used to just recycle!

  2. I'm not rolling my eyes Ashley. I'm like you. I only have 86 listings and that's a record for me I think.I Usually have anywhere from 25-35 sales a month whereas other sellers have that in one day. I just don't have room for that kind of inventory. My sales lately have been few and far between. Usually I have sales from Sunday night that I wake up to on Monday morning, but not this past weekend. It's been dead. No views even. I just keep listing and hoping for the best.

    1. Thats what I say Lorraine! Just keep listing and hoping! I had a bit of a weekend dry spell 2 weeks ago.. it was kind of weird because I always sell stuff on the weekends. So during the week I listed a bunch of new items.. and then that following weekend I had like 5 sales....
      I am pretty sure eBay is rigged at times......

  3. I love shipping mugs! They are so very easy to ship.