Monday, July 28, 2014

Blog probs

I am SOOO annoyed with blogger. I have written two posts within the last week and they keep getting deleted. Theres something going on with the draft portion of the publishing area. I am seriously so frustrated with my blog. I spent probably an hour on the first post that was lost, and almost 45 mins on the second one. So frustrating.
Ok. Rant done.

So I had a bunch of things I wanted to blog about.. But Ill stick to just one since this post will probably disappear too...

I have had some great sales recently... but two in particular that have been stellar.

My brother got ahold of some busted Zebra thermal printers.. He was thinking he might fix them up and resell them. After realizing they were too much work, I gladly took them off his hands (he was going to throw them out).

He had two of them, and I sold each one for $255 free shipping, FOR PARTS!
Isnt that amazing?
Rule of thumb, always check completeds with busted electronics. You never know what people are looking for..especially when it comes to parts.


  1. That is an amazing profit on something that was just going to be thrown away! :-)

  2. Wow, nice flip for broken electronics!!!