Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Interesting Christmas in July find

 Today there was a huge Christmas In July sale at our main Salvation Army in town. I decided to pack up my kids, grab my mother (for morale support of course), and make the 20 minute drive to the sale. It was such an AWESOME sale. They had pallets and pallets of Christmas stuff that they were pulling out, and selling for dirt cheap. The manager told me that they had accumulated so much in the last 7 months, they had to have a July Sale or they would run out of room. She could tell I was in the market to fill up a cart, so she said she would make a deal with me if I bought alot. The only problem was that it was outside, super hot, and my kids were so cranky. So I had to find stuff quick.... even though I wanted to stay forever because they just kept pulling out more and more stuff. I ended up filling up an entire cart for $15 which included a huge box of Christmas China. Yay!
So this was by far my most interesting find:
I was in a hurry, and quickly posted the above picture in the eBay FB group to see if anyone knew anything about it. I couldn't find it on eBay. A few ladies jumped on it and did some research for me and came back with nothing.. but encouraged me to buy it if it was cheap- since it was unique.
Well it is unique. It has a rolling screen that displays "Happy Holiday." And some cute twinkle lights. All battery operated. 

Interesting right? So I found the company's web page, and emailed them asking for info. The company is an aquatics company that makes swimming gear. Weird. 
Anyone see anything like this? 
I paid $3 for it.. worth just the amusement of such a weird item. Trying to decide what to price it at on eBay... I cant remember what those rolling screens are called either!!


  1. Very interesting! I like it! Scrolling Marquee.

  2. I bet you anything this will sell internationally! Price it super high with a best offer it's very unique! Cool find!

  3. Cool find! Love Christmas in July sales :)