Thursday, February 27, 2014

Copy Cat Listing Part 2

If you didn't read about my latest eBay dilemma, you can here.

eBay never removed the listing that was using my picture. And the listing was in my watching list just taunting me. So I took the matter into my own hands.

My message to the seller:

Hi. I am writing you to ask you to please take down the picture for this item that you took from my personal listing. This picture is my own that I took myself. It is against eBay policy to use pictures that are not yours.

Seller Response 1:

That is not a problem not sure when I have my own listings my new girl used your picture and made a new listing. Wow! 49.95 and you are worried about a picture. Consider it taken down dear. Sarah

Seller Response 2:

I hate to tell you but your description is false they did not come out in 1994 I know for a fact they were made last year.

Seller Response 3:

271413115260 that is my new auction number so you can see I took it down. Sarah

My response to 1, 2, & 3:

Thank you. And thank you for being so polite about it... (SARCASM)

Seller Response 4:

Just an fyi the copyright was 1966 and the registered trade mark in 1994. We are a Hallmark dealer. That is what the c and the r with the dates stand for not the date it was made. I just didn't think you understood what those dates are for we get them in all the time. Sarah

So all in all the picture was removed. The seller loved to point out all my mistakes since I pointed out hers I guess. I wanted to explain myself to her, but didn't think that was necessary. At the time of listing the mug, there was no other listings and hardly any info, so I decided to list it high with a best offer. And now my pride is in the way, and I refuse to lower to my price because Sarah pointed it out to me :)

The only thing that really bugs me about this whole situation is that eBay took no action. I love eBay, and I understand that the system can be flawed at times, and I do think in the last few months they have made a better effort at being on the sellers side... but in this case it should have been a no brainer. Its an easy rule to follow....


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Update and BOLO

An Update on my last post:

There is none.

I called eBay AND filed an online report... and nothing so far. Part of me thinks eBay will not do anything. Why make the "big guy" mad when hes raking in the dough for them, just to help out the "little guy." I am hoping I am wrong, and they will still take action... if not.. I have lost alot of faith in the eBay system.
Thanks to all my fellow readers and their comments of support.

Now to the fun stuff.

A few weeks ago my hubby and I had some free time and hit up a thrift store. I had mentioned to him that Hawaiian shirts that are actually made in Hawaii are usually worth at least something, and sometimes ALOT. We browsed through them and he found this one:
And he was right. It was a great find. This is a Paradise Found Hawaiian Shirt. I guess its the same shirt that Tom Selleck wore in Magnum PI. (before my time).
I listed it for $49.95 and it sold within a few hours. (I paid $2 for it)
Gotta love those quick sales.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Copy Cats.

People say that copying is the highest form of flattery.

I sometimes disagree. I more or less think its laziness or lack of using your own head.

Usually I can just ignore it- for example:

-You (my neighbor) want to decorate your outdoor lawn just like mine for christmas? Thats cool.
-You want to wear my exact same outfit I wore yesterday... Thats cool too.
-You want to make a blog with almost the same exact title as mine? Ok-cool. whatever

......But you want to copy my ebay listing???

ohhhh heck no.

The top mug for $49.95 is mine. That's my stinking granite counter top my mug is sitting on! And what do you know... a seller with 4000+ transactions has my exact mug on my exact counter.

So of course I reported them to eBay... and of course I am trying to think of a witty little message to send the seller.
Seriously... I work so dang hard at my listings and some dumb "big" seller comes in and seriously copies my listing?
Sellers like that do not DESERVE TO SELL ON EBAY! I mean how many other listings have they done this with?

....ok end rant. I need to go shake it off.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sales as of late

My sales have been pretty good the last few months. I have had a steady stream of them every week. I have been able to keep 50-70 listings in my shop at a time, which has been perfect for me and my busy life. All you 200+ listing sellers are probably rolling your eyes at me right now... I know... I am a total baby when it comes to listing.

So this last weekend, hubby and I decided to go on a mini vacation to Palm Springs, Ca- without our kids! It was so much fun.. and the best part? We spent one of the mornings there going to thrift stores, garage sales, and estate sales. It was so much fun... and I got some GREAT finds that I will post about later as soon as I take some pictures.

So here are some more recent sales for me:

 Starbucks 2006 Pink Mug Paid: $1 Sold: $21.95 FS
 Pampered Chef Accent Decorator Paid: $1.50 Sold for $16.95 FS (Shipped first class! Wohoo!)
 Wrangler Jeans Paid: Free (given to me) Sold: 15.95 FS
 Bailey's Irish Creme Mug Set Paid: $2 Sold: $15.95 FS
 Starbucks Cork Base Mug 2013 Paid: 50 Cents Sold: $19.45 FS
 Starbucks 2007 Easter Mug Paid:$1 Sold: $13.95 FS
 Prince Consort HungryMan tie (This sat for MONTHS!) Paid: 50 cents Sold: $22.95 FS
 Blues Clues Dancing Singing 14" plush Paid: $3 Sold: $28.95 FS
Prada Sport Shoe. Paid: FREE (My husbands shoes he barely wore) Sold: $77.95 FS
So these are just a few of my sales. I know its a ton of mugs..(this isn't all of the mugs I have sold). Even though mugs are not a huge profit, they are very easy to sell. They are usually very cheap to buy, easy to list and easy to ship. I ship all my mugs in a priority padded envelope using the jelly roll method. I have perfected my packaging method for these babies and will have to share sometime!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Another BOLO: LPS

I have another great TOY BOLO for you. One probably some of you already know about.

Littlest Pet Shop!
This is another one of my friends finds.....

This is a Littlest Pet Shop Rare Collie Dog #58.

She bought a whole bag of these "LPS" dogs at a thrift store for a couple of bucks.. and some of them are worth alot of money.

This one sold for $49.99 plus shipping.
A huge profit!

She has another one listed for $100 right now with watchers!
A great find.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

BOLO: Lego Duplo Tubes

So my eBay bestie, Mandy, who I blogged about not too long ago... is letting me share some of her sweet finds since she is not a blogger. So I am going to highlight some of her awesome flips in the next few days. Here is one of my more recent favorites of hers:

Lego Duplo Tubes

Now if I saw these at a yardsale, I might have over looked them. They look like a "thousand pieces I don't have time for."
She picked up a box of these for $3 at a yardsale and sold them for $60.99 + Shipping.
An awesome flip, and I am jealous.